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Bose 201 and 301 Series V Direct/Reflecting Speakers  
Owner’s Guide  
August 13 , 2002  
Bose Corporation  
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Using and Maintaining Your Speakers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  
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Troubleshooting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  
of Conformity  
We, the offerer:  
Bose® Corporation, The Mountain  
Framingham, MA 01701-9168 USA  
acknowledge our sole responsibility, that the product:  
Kind of equipment:  
Type designation:  
201® and 301® Series V Direct  
Reflecting® speakers  
in accordance with EMC Directive 89/336/EEC and Article 10(1) of the Direc-  
tive, is in compliance with the following norm(s) or document(s):  
Technical regulations: EN50081-1, EN50082-1  
Accredited by Bose Corporation  
22 March 2002  
Bose B.V., Nijverheidstraat 8  
Nick Merks  
1135 GE Edam, The Netherlands  
Vice President Europe  
Manufacturer’s authorized EU  
©2002 Bose Corporation. No part of this work may be reproduced, modified, distributed or otherwise used without prior written permission.  
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Setting Up  
Before you begin  
Unpack the carton  
Your 201 or 301 Series V Direct/Reflecting speakers recreate a natural balance of reflected  
and direct sound energy for an open, spacious performance. They are designed by Bose to  
bring you high-quality listening pleasure.  
These speakers are significantly different from conventional speakers, so be sure to read this  
owner’s guide. It will help you set up and use your speakers properly, for the greatest enjoy-  
Carefully unpack the carton and save all packing materials for possible future use. Check the  
If either speaker appears damaged, do not use them. Instead, repack both speakers in the  
original carton and notify your authorized Bose dealer immediately.  
Note: Now is a good time to record the speaker serial numbers below and on your warranty  
CAUTION: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep the plastic bags that wrap these speakers  
out of the reach of children.  
Figure 1  
What comes in the carton  
201® series V speakers  
301® series V speakers  
For your records  
Serial numbers are located on the back of each speaker.  
Serial number: _____________________ and _____________________________  
Dealer name: _________________________________________________________  
Dealer phone: _____________________ Purchase date ____________________  
We suggest you keep your sales slip and warranty card together with this owner’s  
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Setting Up  
Select the locations for your 201® or 301® speakers  
Bose® 201 and 301 speakers are designed to fit horizontally on a stable and level table or  
Place the left and right speakers (marked on the back of each one) on the left and right sides  
of your room, as you face them. Exactly where you put them depends on the size and style of  
your room and where you think they sound best. Feel free to experiment to find a location that  
is both convenient and provides the sound you prefer.  
Note: Because the grilles on the front of each speaker protect the drivers inside, we recom-  
mend that you do not remove them.  
CAUTION: 201 and 301 speakers are designed specifically for placement on a stationary  
shelf, table, or stand. On smooth surfaces like marble, glass or highly polished wood, vibra-  
tions may cause the speakers to slide. So be sure to attach the self-adhesive rubber feet to  
the bottom surface of each speaker for added stability and protection. The feet go in the cor-  
ners of the flat surface, 1” back from the center of the curved front panel. Do not use these  
speakers in a moving vehicle. To mount the speakers on a wall, use only the Bose WB-3 wall  
mounting bracket. Please follow the mounting instructions that come with these brackets.  
Improperly mounted speakers may fall, causing injury and damage.  
Here are some basic guidelines below:  
• Leave at least 24 inches (60 cm) from the speakers to any TV screens or monitors.  
• Keep the back of the speakers within 18 inches (45 cm) of the wall behind them.  
Figure 2  
Placement guidelines  
18" (45 cm)  
or more  
12" (30 cm)  
or more  
(1-4 m)  
18" (45 cm)  
or more  
CAUTION: For the most realistic sound image, make sure the left speaker is placed on the  
left and the right speaker is on the right side of your room, as you face them.  
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Setting Up  
Choose the cord  
It is important to use the proper gauge (thickness) of speaker cord.  
Wire recommendations  
Based on a maximum frequency response deviation of ± 0.5 dB  
18 (0.82 mm2)  
20 ft (6 m)  
16 (1.3 mm2)  
14 (2.1 mm2)  
30 ft (9 m)  
50 ft (15 m)  
Note: Before running the speaker cord through a wall or under a floor, check your local build-  
ing code requirements and safety regulations. If necessary, contact an electrical installer for  
this information.  
Prepare the cord  
Speaker cord consists of two insulated wires. The insulation around one wire is marked  
(striped, collared, or ribbed).  
At the ends of each cord, strip approximately 12 inch (12 mm) of insulation from both wires.  
Twist the bare end of each wire so loose strands will not touch across terminals. Be sure to  
connect each wire to the proper terminal (positive to positive and negative to negative).  
Note: It is sometimes difficult to distinguish wire markings. Inspect both wires carefully.  
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Setting Up  
Make the connections  
Just press the terminal tab on the back of each speaker to insert the appropriate wire (Figure 3).  
CAUTION: Before making any connections, turn off your receiver and unplug it from the AC  
power (mains) outlet. Not doing so may result in damage to your system.  
CAUTION: Never use broken or frayed wiring, which can result in electrical shock or dam-  
1. Connect one speaker cord to your right speaker.  
• Attach each marked wire (+) to the appropriate (+) terminal.  
• Attach each plain wire (–) to the appropriate (–) terminal.  
2. Connect the other end of the same cord to the RIGHT SPEAKER OUTPUT of your  
• Attach each marked wire (+) to the appropriate (+) terminal.  
• Attach each plain wire (–) to the appropriate (–) terminal.  
3. Connect the second cord to the left speaker and LEFT SPEAKER OUTPUT. Follow the  
steps in 1 and 2 above.  
Figure 3  
How to make terminal con-  
301® series V  
201® series V  
Test the speakers  
To make sure your speakers operate correctly:  
1. Turn on your receiver. Set the receiver to MONO (monophonic), if that is an option on your  
2. Make sure that all special effects (such as surround sound) are turned off.  
3. Set the balance control to normal (center position).  
4. Play some deep bass passages of music through the speaker.  
The sound should seem to come from a point between the two speakers. The bass should be  
full and natural. If it is not, one of the connections may be reversed, causing the speakers to  
play out of phase (refer to Make the connections” above).  
To correct the problem, make sure all the wires are connected positive to positive (+ to +) and  
negative to negative (– to –). Then repeat steps 1 through 4 above to re-test the speakers.  
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Using and Maintaining Your Speakers  
Enjoying sound in a variety of ways  
Your 201® or 301® speakers are designed to work with a variety of stereo receivers and ampli-  
fiers as either front or rear channel speakers. The open, spacious performance of these  
speakers makes them an ideal choice for home theater, or for listening to CD’s, tapes, or  
Figure 4  
301 and 201 series V  
speaker sound path  
301® series V  
201® series V  
Cleaning the speakers  
Clean the surface of your speakers with a soft damp cloth. Do not use any sprays near the  
system or allow liquids to spill into any openings. Also, do not use any solvents, chemicals, or  
cleaning solutions containing alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives.  
The speaker grille panels require no special care. You may vacuum them carefully to remove  
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What to do  
No sound  
Make sure the receiver is plugged in and turned on.  
Check to be sure the AC power (mains) outlet is working.  
Disconnect any headphones plugged into the headphone jack.  
Make sure the receiver is not set to MUTE.  
Refer to the owner’s guide that came with your receiver.  
Check connections to both the speakers and the receiver. Refer to Make the connec-  
tions” on page 6. Correct any connection errors.  
No sound from one  
Disconnect the working speaker from the receiver.  
Switch the cord of the “faulty” speaker from its original receiver jacks to the other set of  
jacks (the working speaker was originally attached to those jacks).  
– If the speaker now works, the problem is in your receiver.  
– If the speaker does not work, continue below.  
Remove the cord from the working speaker and connect it to the “faulty” speaker and  
either set of receiver jacks.  
– If the speaker now works, the problem was in the original speaker cord.  
– If the speaker does not work, the problem is in the speaker.  
One speaker sounds dis-  
Follow the same procedure for the problem of no sound from one speaker, as outlined  
Not enough bass or treble • Adjust the bass and treble controls on the receiver.  
Check the connections to make sure they are correctly in phase (+ to + and – to –). Refer  
Move the speakers closer to or farther from the side walls or other sound-reflecting hard  
Do not place the speakers exactly halfway between the floor and ceiling or any other  
sound-reflecting hard surface.  
Customer service  
Warranty period  
If the troubleshooting guidelines above do not solve your problem, contact your authorized  
Bose® dealer to arrange for service. To obtain information or service directly from Bose, see  
the list of telephone numbers included with your speakers. Bose Corporation will make every  
effort to correct any problem within the terms of your warranty.  
Bose 201® and 301® series V Direct/Reflecting® speakers are covered by a limited transferable  
warranty. Details of the coverage are provided on the warranty card that came with your  
speakers. Please fill out the information section on your card, detach, and mail to Bose.  
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Technical information  
Direct/Reflecting® speaker technology  
Stereo Targeting® tweeters  
Tuned port enclosure  
Syncom® computer quality control  
Driver complement  
201®: One 6.5-inch (16.5 cm) woofer. One 2-inch (5 cm) tweeter.  
301®: One 8-inch (20 cm) woofer. Two 2-inch (5 cm) high-sensitivity tweeters.  
201: Compatible with amplifiers and receivers rated from 10 to 120 watts per channel.  
Rated 8 ohms  
301: Compatible with amplifiers and receivers rated from 10 to 150 watts per channel.  
Rated 4 - 8 ohms  
Polymer and vinyl veneer over wood construction with black or light cherry finish.  
201: 8"H x 13 34"W x 8 58"D (20 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm).  
Each speaker, unpacked: 11 lb (5 kg).  
Speaker pair in shipping carton: 25.2 lb (11.4 kg).  
301: 9 34"H x 14 14"W x 9 34"D (25 cm x 36 cm x 25 cm).  
Each speaker, unpacked: 12.5 lb (5.7 kg).  
Speaker pair in shipping carton: 28.7 lb (13 kg).  
Optional accessories  
Bose® FS-01 speaker stands and WB-3 wall mounting brackets are designed for use with 201  
and 301 Series V Direct/Reflecting speakers. For information, or to order accessories, contact  
your authorized Bose dealer. To contact Bose directly, see the list of telephone numbers  
included with your speakers.  
Figure 5  
A. Bose FS-01 speaker  
B. WB-3 wall mounting  
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Download AfroMm2W6w4w9.8So1m_a0n1ua_lsV.c.opmd.fAll AMaunguualsstS1e3ar,ch20An0d2Download.  
Download AfroMm2W6w4w9.8So1m_a0n1ua_lsV.c.opmd.fAll AMaunguualsstS1e3ar,ch20An0d2Download.  
©2002 Bose Corporation  
The Mountain, Framingham, MA 01701-9168 USA  
264981 AM Rev.01 JN30028  
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